A Pebble In The Well

A Pebble dropped in a well in the Mines of Moria by an inquisitive yet foolish young Hobbit brings a dire admonishment from Gandalf about not awakening things in the deep. This to me seems to equate in some fashion to our particle physics experiments causing detectable ripples in the fabric of space and time within our universe and possibly within the entire scope of the multi-verse – caution is advised.

An infinity of universes implies an infinity of possibilities could come-a-callin’ in response to our inadvertent signaling. Much the way Stephen Hawking has suggested exercising caution with the electromagnetic signals sent out in attempts to communicate with other intelligent civilizations in the galaxy, we may also wish to be cautious with creating disturbances in the basic fabric of reality with things like the LRC and other high energy particle physics experiments.

Peace Out!

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